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Wish List

November 30, 2009
Happy December to everyone! For many this is the start of the holiday season and hopefully lots of snow to come.

Black Friday was the kick-off for Holiday shopping this year but if you tend to procrastinate like me, you know we will wait till the last minute.

Stuck on gift ideas? Here are my top five gift-picks for him or her and all are under $50.

1. Urban Outfitters fingerless gloves $16

2. Urban Outfitters knit scarf for men $35

3. Forever XXI rhinestone studded clutch $10

4. J.Crew strip heavyweight slub jersey rugby shirt $49.50

5. American Apparel shiny leggings $46


Bibs aren’t for babies

November 15, 2009



Vera Wang runway look

Bib necklaces have dominated the runways this season and are pieces of jewelry everyone should have.


The ultra oversized necklaces are perfect to help make any bland outfit pop. And the best part is, you don’t have to pay the runway price for a necklace like this!

Check out various bib necklaces from Charlotte Russe and Forever 21.

And the winner is…

Thank you to everyone who entered Bmore in Style’s Accessory Giveaway! Everyone had such great responses about describing their style and what their inspired by.

Unfortunately, I could only pick one winner and I literally put the entries in a hat and pulled out a name. Congrats to Kelly Schraf! She will be receiving the accessory of her choice from Forever 21.


Midwest style vs. east coast style

November 14, 2009

East coast style and west coast style have always been popularily compared to one another. But what about the midwest? I was able to score a Q&A with Michigan State University college student, Kerry Chereskin.

Aspiring fashion magazine editor, Chereskin talks about the looks she loves and how Midwest style leans towards the more laid back look.

KM: How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my style as classic with a twist- I like to play with the trends a little bit and try new things to make it my own. I love taking simpler pieces and playing them up with accessories.

KM: How do Midwesterners like to dress?
KC: Midwesterner’s definitely dress for comfort and warmth- especially during the winter! Of course we love dressing up for fun evenings and events, but for the most part its very casual, which is why its always so fun to travel to the east coast where it seems more acceptable to dress up and be stylish, while playing with trends and trying new daring things. If you dress too crazy in the midwest, people tend to stare at you like you are out of place.

KM: What’s the overall style aesthetic at your college campus?
KC: The overall style aesthetic at Michigan state is casual during the day and more trendy for the bar scene and parties at night. Students tend to follow alot of the same trends though (northface jackets, ugg boots, and leggings) which can be frustrating. For class, sweatpants are acceptable…anything goes really. But for nights out, definitely dress the part!

KM: Where do you like to shop?
KC:  While I’m in Michigan I shop at J Crew, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and department stores like Nordstrom. Midwesterners are definitely more hesitant to take fashion risks.

KM: Is there a big vintage or thrift store shopping presense in Michigan?
KC: Vintage shopping is not very big in the midwest as far as I’m aware. My friends and I rarely go in thrift stores unless we are looking looking for something in particular.

KM: What is your must-have accessory?
KC: My must have accessory of the moment are large statement necklaces. They can dress up any outfit and definitely make your look more interesting! Boots are also great for fall, you can pair them with so many different outfits- a dress or skirt with tights or with your skinny jeans.

KM: What is a really big trend on campus right now?
KC: The big trend at Michigan State right now is probably wearing the higher waisted skirts with tank tops and platform heels. Ugg boots, and the long down northface jackets are a must to bear the cold weather here.

KM: Would you classify yourself as a trend setter or trend follower?
KC: I like to think of myself as a mix between a trendsetter and trend follower. I like to follow the trends and keep up with all of the fashion pages in my favorite magazines, but I like to put my own spin on them to make it my own.

Keep in style accessories contest

November 10, 2009

The one thing I try to stress the most is personal style is a skill.  It can’t be bought and it should be easily expressed through what you wear.

I believe that accessories are what make a look so great. Again, it shouldn’t have to cost too much either! Mixing and matching designer pieces with less expensive things can really make an outfit work.

That being said, I am doing the first ever Bmore in Style ‘Keep in style’ contest! One lucky reader of mine will win one of the accessories (their choice) below.


Forever 21 Molded link cuff


Gauzy fashion scarf (more colors available)


Yarn trimmed chain necklace























To enter the Keep In Style Accessories Giveaway:

For one entry, leave a comment between now and Friday November 13, 2009 at midnight EST stating what your personal style is and why accessories complete an outfit.

For two entries, Twitter about this giveaway, and leave a comment on this post between now and Friday November 13, 2009 at midnight EST with your Twitter URL.

For three entries, link about this giveaway on Facebook (or blog if you have one) and follow me on Twitter (@dcshopgirl), and leave a comment on this post between now and Friday November 13, 2009 at midnight EST.

Oprah knows best

November 3, 2009

Today I was confined to my bed due to my flu symptoms but on the bright side, I caught up with The Oprah Winfrey Show (I’ve missed that show) and to my liking they had a special episode on accessories shopping.

Sylists, fashionistas and other professionals went over must-haves every woman should have in her closet.

Take note, because I sure did, on the six must-have shoes we all need in our closet.

Think they’re missing something? Post your must-have here!

Fashion U part II: Let’s talk style with Eric Daman

October 27, 2009

If there was one thing I learned listening to Gossip Girl costume designer and creative director for Charlotte Russe, Eric Daman, it’s great style cannot be purchased.

Everyday we are bombarded by advertisements from businesses about the hottest trends and the fashion must-haves but we often forget it’s not always about how much you have, it’s how you wear it.

It’s inspiring to see a stylist in the fashion industry that works with designer fashions on a day-to-day basis on the set of Gossip Girl but at the same time work with a company that sells apparel for a lower cost.

Daman spoke about some popular trends this season including big shoulder pads, holiday sparkle, draping tops and sweaters, the 30s flapper, headbands (thank you Blair Waldorf!) and black & white designs. And as a gift to students who attended his seminar, we received 20% cards to Charlotte Russe and a silver necklace.

Check out this video I took of two other popular looks you may see this season!

The stylists favorite book tour

October 17, 2009
The Sartorialist book

The Sartorialist book

As I checked my blogroll earlier this week I noticed on The Sartorialist that the blogger, Scott Schuman, will be doing a book tour in the coming weeks.

Schuman’s blog is definitely my inspiration for Bmore in Style. He has a good eye for style and photography which is why his blog was turned into a book.

Starting on Monday, Schuman will be signing his first book in Washington, D.C. at Masa 14 from 9-10pm.

I would suggest that any aspiring stylist who plans on attending should dress their best because he may just find some potential snapshots for his blog. I wish I could go!

Puddles favorite boot

October 16, 2009

weather savvyThese past few days it has been non stop rain in Baltimore, which has left me quite restless because crappy weather means confining myself to indoor activities, hence this blog post.

But on the brightside, rainy days means rain appropriate gear like the ever-classic trench and the ultimate puddle-splashing rain boot.

Rain boots are a special necessity this season because if you’re a student in the Baltimore area, you know that they are a must-have for the uphill campus walk.

Any color or pattern will not only keep your pretty little feet shielded from the rain but will make your outfit pop! Check out fun rain boots at J.Crew, Target, Steve Madden, Laila Rowe and other department stores.

Here are some tips to make sure your boots look the best with your outfit:

1. Wear skinny or bootcut jeans so that it minimizes any extra denim bunching at the top of the boot.

2. Mix your pattern on the boot with another color or print top. Don’t be afraid to take fashionable risks!

3. Wear thick socks to prevent blisters or ultra cold feet. Rubber boots will protect you from rain damage in comparison to other boot options like UGGs but unless they have lining inside, they won’t keep your feet warm.

Have an additional tip about wearing rain boots? Have a favorite pair or boot pattern you want to share? Post them here!

~Keep In Style Bmore~

Prints charming

October 15, 2009
Sarah Mandel is wild about prints

Sarah Mandel is wild about prints

With each day comes another trend, take it from Towson University student Sarah Mandel.

Animal prints are a popular trend this season. From tops to jackets to ballet flats, these wild prints are perfect for anyone who likes to take a walk on the wild side!

Leopard, cheetah and zebra prints will definitely add more zing! to your wardrobe.

“I love my leopard print jacket,” she said.

While Forever 21 and Nordstrom’s are here retail store staples, she occasionally likes to shop at Bebe and Arden B. when she has a “few extra dollars to spend.”

And Sarah lives by a simple yet true styling motto:

“Wear clothes that flatter your best features and make you feel confident.”

Eye for style

October 13, 2009
Cast of Styl'd photo courtesy of

Cast of Styl'd photo courtesy of

So I have a confession.

I have an obsession with reality television shows… I mean, gosh, who doesn’t?

Except my obsession of reality tv are the few shows that feature top designers, stylists and celebrities.

For those who love those competitive shows like Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model, then you will love the new show Styl’d premiering November 1st on MTV.

Featuring one of the top styling agencies in the country, Margaret Maldonado Agency, five junior styling assistants will compete to win a contract with MMA and be well on their way to success.

Check out the dramatic trailer.  I’m sold!