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Q&A with fashion blogger Erika Sorocco

December 2, 2009

In the world of blogging, fashion & style has definitely grown in special niches online. And while I’m so proud of this blog, it would not be possible if it wasn’t more other fashionable blogs that have inspired me.

One of those fashionable blogs I’m inspired by is Cafe Fashionista. Creator and author, Erika Sorocco says she is a “caffeine-addicted blogger with a passion for fashion and a firm belief that every moment in life deserves a soundtrack. When she’s not working on her book about style or dreaming of New York City, she can be found shopping…er, doing research…for her blog Café Fashionista.”

Eric launched Cafe Fashionista in January of 2009 and almost a year later she is gets on average, 800 hits per day, about 5,600 hits per week and 23,000 visitors per month. Read on to find what it takes to be a successful fashion & style blogger and advice on how to write original content for your fashion & style blog.

Blogger Erika Sorocco,

KM: What experience have you gained as a fashion and style blogger in preparation for the fashion industry?

ES: Two things I’ve learned: it’s saturated and disposable. I’ll clarify.

When I say it’s saturated, I mean that there are billions of people wanting to get into the fashion industry – be it as a model, a writer, a designer – but only a slim few actually achieve that goal. The industry is overwhelmed with wannabes. I think it’s great to dream, and to work for what you want, but always have a back-up plan. I’ll tell you right now, I devote countless hours to Café Fashionista – I stay up late, I wake up early, I stay in on weekends a lot of the time, I miss out on parties; all so I can ensure that I am happy with my content. But guess what? I’m not a journalism major. I’m a double major in Psychology and Business/Marketing. Once I complete my BA I’m going to enter either an MBA or MFT program. I love fashion. I love writing. I will forever hope that one day I can make a living doing a mix of them both; but the reality is that it’s not always possible because of how saturated those particular fields are.