Puddles favorite boot

weather savvyThese past few days it has been non stop rain in Baltimore, which has left me quite restless because crappy weather means confining myself to indoor activities, hence this blog post.

But on the brightside, rainy days means rain appropriate gear like the ever-classic trench and the ultimate puddle-splashing rain boot.

Rain boots are a special necessity this season because if you’re a student in the Baltimore area, you know that they are a must-have for the uphill campus walk.

Any color or pattern will not only keep your pretty little feet shielded from the rain but will make your outfit pop! Check out fun rain boots at J.Crew, Target, Steve Madden, Laila Rowe and other department stores.

Here are some tips to make sure your boots look the best with your outfit:

1. Wear skinny or bootcut jeans so that it minimizes any extra denim bunching at the top of the boot.

2. Mix your pattern on the boot with another color or print top. Don’t be afraid to take fashionable risks!

3. Wear thick socks to prevent blisters or ultra cold feet. Rubber boots will protect you from rain damage in comparison to other boot options like UGGs but unless they have lining inside, they won’t keep your feet warm.

Have an additional tip about wearing rain boots? Have a favorite pair or boot pattern you want to share? Post them here!

~Keep In Style Bmore~


One Response to “Puddles favorite boot”

  1. heatherbray Says:

    Last year, my boyfriend bought me a super cute pair of zebra print rain boots and I wear them all the time 🙂

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